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Brits – learning other languages

On BBC Breakfast today there was a debate about learning languages other than English. The central theme: ‘Brits are lazy at learning languages’. When I was at school, in the seventies, I studied French and German to O-level; I scraped … Continue reading

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Striving for perfection

Let’s imagine a scenario: I have a completed MS, edited to the best of my ability following advice I have researched: ‘Show don’t tell!’ ‘Just write the damned thing!’ ‘No passive sentences’ … ‘cut adverbs’ … ‘find your own voice’… … Continue reading

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Evil on the Wind – Diney Costeloe

This week I read Diney Costeloe’s Evil on the Wind. It’s a moving story wound around true events of the rise of Nazi Germany just before WWII fulfilling Hitler’s desire to build an empire. A period of time the human … Continue reading

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