Happy 2019

It’s at this time of year people review the past twelve months, check their goals and objectives and create new ones for the coming year.

When I taught emotional intelligence I used to say don’t try and start new year resolutions on January 1st because there’s far too much pressure and you’re quite likely to fail, Start them later on a non significant day (Monday’s are bad too!)

Just think about all those gym memberships that are abandoned!

The Facebook writing group I belong to, of course, started discussing goals and objectives for 2019, as traditionally these things are done with the new year. Bearing in mind my views on setting such goals, I joined in and wrote two down, which I knew I could achieve but did not state Achieve By dates, nor how I was going to get there. In my head the date is 6 months away and getting there is just sitting down and writing. Maybe a bit too fuzzy but I’m doing something else that supports it.

The good news is I have almost achieved both goals and it’s still within the first week in January!

The point of this post is if you’re going to create goals in January make them achievable and that will give you the incentive to set more goals to build momentum to achieve more as the year progresses, by setting more goals as they are accomplished.

I don’t know how I feel about visions now. I guess people who build successful businesses have them to give them a general direction to aim for. Or maybe they don’t; they’re just astute at choosing the right paths when opportunities present themselves.

I personally stopped having a grand plan 5 years ago; the carpet was pulled out from under my feet and goals, plans and dreams evaporated by a life changing event. Maybe I shouldn’t have let them go altogether, I should have just treated it as a temporary setback, and wait awhile instead of giving up.

Now I have begun to get back on the track; maybe despite my reticence, the vision I had subconsciously underpinned some decisions I made recently towards getting my life back on track.

I still have something to accomplish!

About Caroline Scott Collins

Writer and artist
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