A Blogger with nothing to say?

I haven’t posted for months again, but then one of my mantras is If I have nothing interesting to say, I won’t say anything.

I’ve been undertaking a personal learning journey the last few months which I’m sure some of what I learned will go into a story.

I intend to get back on track with my personal goals this year, which includes writing blog posts and get my novel published that’s been languishing on my hard drive and more recently in The Cloud for far too long. It deserves to be set loose in the world because there might be some readers who will enjoy it.

I’ve been learning some new skills too – related to writing, of course; calligraphy and art, in the hope that something I read recently that the physical act of writing creates strong neural pathways to stimulate the brain. Let’s see ;o)

About Caroline Scott Collins

Writer and artist
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