Just write

I have a terrible habit of pondering. I’ve wanted to get down to writing again for ages (I won’t admit how long) but for many reasons I’ve just not been able to. At one point, I got 30000 words into a manuscript, hit a brick wall, and stopped.

I can, in my head because I don’t actually tell anyone what I’m doing, put it down to two feeble excuses – ‘writer’s block’ or Muse ran off. Until this morning. And I cannot make such stupid excuses to myself any more.

This morning I came across a really interesting website https://justpublishingadvice.com where I read a quote, which makes complete sense: There’s no such thing as writer’s block. That was invented by people in California who couldn’t write. ~ Terry Pratchett

On the article page https://justpublishingadvice.com/how-you-can-give-writers-block-the-boot-in-minutes/ I also read the remark about the mythical Muse; fundamentally it translates into wasting time.

If I’d stopped thinking of Muse as some helpful pixie who sits on my shoulder, whispering words of encouragement in my ear so I type furiously and get a complete manuscript out of my head onto paper (albeit digital on a screen), and instead actually considered the meaning of ‘muse’, I wouldn’t have blamed the pixie’s absence for preventing my progress.

I’ve read masses of advice, in various places, about how you can prepare too much, worry about structure, plotting, and all the other suggestions about how to write and why you can’t write, when actually all you need to do is simple…

Just write – anything.

Get into a daily habit of outpouring through a pen onto paper, or clicking away on a keyboard. Just write.

I finished my first manuscript using the principle of NaNoWriMo. I just did it and produced a complete rough manuscript to hone, edit, perfect and fit to a structure and a plot curve (although when I read, edited and checked, it fitted naturally).

With all my procrastinating about writing, I put myself onto masses of self learning about the processes of writing and publishing – to get it right. It wasn’t time wasted, but the main thing is just to write and then worry about all the other principles when I’ve got work to apply it to.

I am currently working on publishing project one and then perhaps, as I will have sent it out into the world for some readers to enjoy, I can get on with the next one. 😉

About Caroline Scott Collins

Writer - Creates believable escapism Caroline dreamed of writing and publishing and finally, in 2021, she’s achieved her goal by publishing her debut novel, A Charming Bequest. She believes it’s important to offer her readers enjoyment and believable escapism with her stories, which she sincerely hopes she does. 😉
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