Reentry 2

A few weeks ago, I read a fear of going back out in the world is called Reentry. This article (link below) demonstrates this fear is now quite commonplace (well it’s now got a meme!) and explains it quite well.

If you’re an introvert, like me, pubs, parties and crowds have always been difficult, and now it’s greatly magnified after isolation and lockdowns.

Reentry explained a reluctance to going back to have to face the constant fear. For instance, I got very stressed when I had to work in a noisy office and I always yearned to work from home in peace and quiet where I’d be far more productive. When I finally did work from home, I loved it. Is it’s becoming more commonplace now and I’m really envious.

It’s not agoraphobia, because there is nothing I would enjoy more than a walk along a quiet beach in a big empty space, after my going out has largely been limited to a quick flit around a supermarket and back to the safety of my cave.

It’s a real fear of having to go back to busy, noisy places and around lots of people instead of just one or two in a peaceful environment and a good in-depth civilised discussion.

About Caroline Scott Collins

Writer - Creates believable escapism Caroline dreamed of writing and publishing and finally, in 2021, she’s achieved her goal by publishing her debut novel, A Charming Bequest. She believes it’s important to offer her readers enjoyment and believable escapism with her stories, which she sincerely hopes she does. 😉
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