My 2021 review and new year goals

I should have written this before the year end, but not surprisingly I didn’t think of it until this week when the topic of new year resolutions has been prevalent.

2021 wasn’t a great year again with Covid lockdowns/restrictions, was it? I think many of us are struggling with self confidence, mental health issues, getting back ‘out there’ and changed ways of living, so I’m trying to get into a positive frame of mind.

My main achievement, last year, was to finally work up the courage to achieve my lifelong goal, after about a decade of dithering, to publish my debut novel, A Charming Bequest.

If anyone thinks writing and editing is onerous, the publishing process in itself has been a steep learning curve. But for an introvert, like me, the hardest thing of all is marketing and promotion, and offering it on multiple online retail outlets in order to hopefully secure sales.

As Amazon indicate on their website, my novel is amongst 8 million other titles they have available, so realistically, as I am a complete unknown, it stands no real chance of being spotted without me learning to do something differently.

I appreciate every single sale, and I really hope readers enjoy it. I also hope that a reader leaves positive feedback, because it might just influence more interest. Good old word-of-mouth advertising and personal recommendations!

Nevertheless, despite this realistic take on my experience, I have the satisfaction of achieving my goal, and I have opened the door to build on the experience in 2022 – hopefully 🤞🏻

What have I learned?

As I keep reading, this last week when many people are considering new year resolutions, instead of setting one big goal to strive for it’s much better to set a series of small goals, because going along a series of stepping stones is motivational. I think, based on my experience of taking decades to achieve my lifetime goal, and waiting until the time was right, I very much agree.

Have confidence and go for smaller, attainable targets. Good luck. 😉

About Caroline Scott Collins

Writer - Creates believable escapism Caroline dreamed of writing and publishing and finally, in 2021, she achieved her goal by publishing her debut novel, A Charming Bequest. She believes it’s important to offer her readers enjoyment and believable escapism with her stories, which she sincerely hopes she does.
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2 Responses to My 2021 review and new year goals

  1. Ruth M-T says:

    Everything is achieved one step at a time, just don’t be too slow taking the next step.
    Loved your book. Can’t wait for your next work of words.
    Best wishes for 2022.

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