A Charming Bequest

Last year I paid a publishing service to publish my book. (I’d researched Self-Publishing and chickened out.) It was expensive, but they did it and I learned a little bit about publishing.

With hindsight it was a modern day version of Vanity Publishing, I suppose. They did what I needed, to get the book Out There and distributed. But when it came round, this year, to pay an annual fee for them to collect any royalties on my behalf, I saw the error of my ways!

I decided to withdraw from them and go back to Plan A and do it myself. Which I have now done, and I wished I’d persisted last year. Hey ho, poor decisions and mistakes are lessons.

My debut novel

It’s now available directly from Amazon as paperback or Kindle, and if retailers are interested, it’s available from Ingram Spark. You’ll also find ebooks/links on Kobo, Bookbub and Goodreads.

What a learning curve! But worth it and useful for the next one.

Short blurb: Sophie is set a challenge to uncover the story of a family member which leads her on an interesting research journey. She meets and falls in love with Philippe and they begin a passionate romance.

(A contemporary romance, with slightly raunchy content.)

If you choose to read it and enjoy it, please leave a review.

Here’s the long description, which may just tempt you…

Sophie’s only living relative on her mother’s side is her Great Uncle, Charlie, and he believes she’s a good researcher, so he asks her to discover his sister Sally’s life story.

Charlie gives Sophie a charm bracelet, which had belonged to Sally, telling her that the charms each had a special meaning. Sophie is puzzled—how can she possibly learn what event or memory each charm represented? Memories and meanings are personal. However, she has the feeling that some guiding spirits are urging her on.

She begins, as many of us do, with internet searches to try to find out about Sally as she has so little to go on initially. She doesn’t know much about her family history—there have been a spate of early deaths, perhaps there’s a jinx? There are just a few resources, tucked away to look at one day, and she’d been avoiding them because she knows It will make her sad. But she receives encouragement to follow her intuition.

On an internet forum she meets Philippe, who is looking for the whereabouts of an old friend of his grandmother. From their initial exchanges there seems to be a tenuous link—they might possibly be looking for the same person. All very mysterious!

Sophie and Philippe build up a rapport online, and eventually he invites her to visit him, and his grandmother, in the Bordeaux region of France. Sophie secures some commissions to do while she’s there and is excited to be travelling.

It’s confirmed that they do seem to be researching the same person, though how? Through Philippe, Sophie meets some interesting people and gleans unexpected information from them. They’ve remained tight-lipped over many decades, never repeating stories, and so Sophie receives far more information than she ever imagined.

Sophie and Philippe soon realise they have fallen in love and begin a romance. Although they enjoy getting to know each other, resisting moving too hastily at first, they soon share a fun, erotic and physical passion, as many of their forebears did.

Philippe takes Sophie to Paris, to the streets of Montmartre, where more stories are surprisingly revealed helping Sophie to decipher yet more of the charms.

Eventually, she returns home to Devon, taking Philippe with her, where the rest of Sally’s story is uncovered when they meet Jonathan in London. Jonathan had been expecting to meet Sophie, and he’s able to fill in the details of Sally’s story.

Charlie is very happy with the results of her research.

Sophie’s true family history is complete and she receives some wonderful surprises—tucked away in a remote cove in Cornwall.

Sophie and Philippe are destined to live a happy future together.

About Caroline Scott Collins

Writer - Creates believable escapism Caroline dreamed of writing and publishing and finally, in 2021, she achieved her goal by publishing her debut novel, A Charming Bequest. She believes it’s important to offer her readers enjoyment and believable escapism with her stories, which she sincerely hopes she does.
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