Caroline Scott Collins

Who am I?

Caroline Scott Collins is my pseudonym – a combination of my middle name and my birth and married last names. I live on the western edge of Dartmoor. I have two married sons and four little grandsons who are bundles of fun.

I’ve had a variety of careers, but I dreamed of becoming a writer. This came into focus when my late husband supported me to go to university part-time whilst I was teaching computer and personal development skills as an e-tutor in adult education. Producing assignments and theses for my BA (Hons) and MA in Education and Training fanned the spark of inspiration to write, into a flame.

Since then I wrote a manuscript for my first novel, A Charming Bequest, which might be of interest to people who like steamy contemporary romances and a quest to trace a family story.

Sophie is single, in her early twenties, recently graduated and working as a freelance writer.

Her Uncle Charlie gives her a charm bracelet, which had belonged to his sister and each charm signifies a special memory or event. To please her uncle at first, and urged on by Sophie’s guiding spirits, she embarks on her research to uncover a fascinating adventure of love, loss, bravery and passion, and it sets her on the path of finding her own one true love. Had there been a jinx affecting some of her relatives?

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Alfie Dog Fiction has one of my short stories available as the title of an anthology. Here’s the blurb:

Came as ‘Me’ and Left as ‘We’: Recently widowed Helen decides to take her first holiday alone at a particularly friendly resort she had visited often with her husband. While coming to terms with being alone and laying ghosts of the past to rest, she meets her future.

Available Amazon (Kindle).

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